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Monthly Archives: May 2017

4 Most Expensive Games Ever Made

1. ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ (2011)
  • Development cost: $200 million ($213 with 2017-inflation)
  • Total cost: Electronic Arts has never mentioned a total cost
  • Developer/publisher: BioWare / Electronic Arts
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows
This Star Wars-based MMORPG delivered on many fans’ burning wish for a huge, online multiplayer experience in the Star Was universe. To pull this off, the team behind the game needed an enormous amount of cash, as they had to build entire planets and moons to support the gameplay and lore.
This took time and a lot of hard work, which translated into the absurdly high production cost of Star Wars: The Old Republic. No other game that we know of even comes close to the $200 million spent here. Which is totally understandable; in most of the above games, we’re only talking about world or solar system-building. Here, we’re talking about galaxy-building—a much more demanding task.
2. ‘Destiny’ (2014)
  • Development cost: $140 million ($143 million with 2017-inflation)
  • Total cost: $500 million ($513 million with 2017-inflation)
  • Developer/publisher: Bungie / Activision
  • Platform: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Bungie’s Destiny had a problematic birth which goes to show in the game’s production cost. When the game finally finished, it delivered on most promises. The open worlds of our solar system were beautiful, the character designs were flawless and the leveling and weapon systems were interesting.
It’s a truly unique game that had a costly, pioneering approach to its gameplay. Not everything worked out, as the story seemed rushed and many online-elements didn’t work well in the long run, but at least it was a triple A title that tried to do something in a different way. And the current state of the game is a lot better than the initially released version.
3. ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ (2013)
  • Development cost: $137 million ($142 million with 2017-inflation)
  • Total cost: $265 million ($272 million with 2017-inflation)
  • Developer/publisher: Rockstar North / Rockstar Games
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
GTA 5 was immense when it came out in 2013 and it’s still immense today. Los Santos, Blaine County and the rest of the San Andreas State is just enormous, and the amount of options and details put into this game is hard to believe. To top it off, the story is genuinely hilarious and the visuals are breathtaking. There are so many things to do in GTA 5, you find yourself thinking $137 million is an incredibly good deal.
4. ‘Max Payne 3’ (2012)
  • Development cost: $105 million ($110 million with 2017-inflation)
  • Total cost: Rockstar Games has never mentioned a total cost
  • Developer/publisher: Rockstar Studios / Rockstar Games
  • Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and OS X
Max Payne 3 features a stunning video game version of San Paulo, a gripping continuation of the franchise’s story and some very well-developed gameplay. Rockstar even sent researchers to the city of San Paulo to make their digital version as good as possible.

5 highest most beautiful female pro gamers in the world

1. Sasha Hostyn (Special mention)
Canadian gamer Sasha Hostyn is one of the most popular female gamers in the world. She has participated in most major competitions under her gaming name, Scarlett. While she is best known for her skills in StarCraft II, she is also adept in playing Dota 2.
She has won huge cash prizes worth up to $100,000. However, the fact that she is a transgender woman has led to harassment as well. However, she is very beautiful and can give you a tough time playing StarCraft or Dota 2.
2.  Zainab Turkie
Zainab Turkie, or as she is more popularly known by her gaming name, zAAz, is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and a former Counter-Strike 1.6 player. Currently, she plays as the rifler for Team Secret, which is a European E-Sports organisation, originally founded as a Dota 2 team but later signed the all-female CS team WeRunThisPlace.
She started playing professionally in 2008 when she used to play CS 1.6. Later on around 2012, she shifted to Global Offensive when she played for Team ALTERNATE Female. She also featured for teams like Bad Monkey Gaming and Fnatic Ladies. Until now, Turkie has won nearly $90,000.
You might want to think twice before taking on her in a game of Counter-Strike. While she is very attractive, don’t let her looks fool you. As is evident from her achievements, she is a very capable gamer and will easily have you at her mercy.
 3.  Vanessa Arteaga
In the field of video games, Vanessa Arteaga is considered a superstar. She first came into the foray after being picked in the draft of the Championship Gaming Series’ list of players for the video game league. She is best known for her exploits in the arena of fighting games, with Dead or Alive 4 being her forte.
Back in 2008, Vanessa took home a cash prize worth $15,000 as the championship winner. A year before she went undefeated, leading San Francisco to the first place in the DoA4 Female Individual season at the 2007 Championship Gaming Series. She also made an appearance on reality television gaming competition WCG Ultimate Gamer.
It would be safe to say that she will prevail over the average gamer in fighting games, especially Dead or Alive 4. And quite obviously, she will look pretty while she makes her opponent eat dust.
4.  Julia Kiran
Julia Kiran, known as Juliano in the gaming world, is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Sweden. She also played Counter Strike previously but shifted to Global Offensive in late-2012. After winning the ladies’ event at IEM Katowice in 2016 with her team WeRunThisPlace, she was signed on by a European E-Sports organisation, Team Secret.
In 32 tournaments she has won cash prizes worth almost $75,000. Julia has won 13 out of the 32 major tournaments she has taken part in. In October, Team Secret, which she leads, became the top female team in the world.
You may not want to admit it but Julia will kick your a*s in Counter-Strike. Maybe you will be distracted by her good looks, maybe you will not be, but beating her at her own game will not be easy.
 5.  Rumay Wang
Rumay Wang, or as she goes by in the gaming world, Hafu, is a World of Warcraft (WoW) world champion. After being introduced to the most reputed online role-playing game by a former boyfriend in high school, Wang became addicted. She skipped her high school graduation to pursue a career in gaming and soon was topping leaderboards in WoW tournaments around the world.
In just four WoW tournaments, she has been able to earn $14,000. However, she decided to explore new areas and began playing Bloodline Champions, a free-to-play action game developed by the Swedish company Stunlock Studios. From one tournament in Bloodline Champions, she has made $2,000 and her total earning is $16,000.
She is a world-champion. Need I say more? And honestly, haven’t you already developed a crush on her just by looking at the picture on top?

8 Best Pro Gamers in the World

Pro gaming still flies under the radar, even for many video game fans, but there’s no doubt it’s a huge industry that’s only getting bigger. With e-sport prizes growing well into the millions of dollars, it’s on its way to becoming a major force in the world of gaming and beyond.

Professional gaming has also found legitimacy in some surprising places, from colleges to the U.S. government. Last year, the State Department began offering visas to professional gamers under the same program that grants them to professional athletes. Robert Morris University has set aside half a million dollars in scholarship funds to start a professional gaming team at the school.

Already, a number of pro gamers have found incredible success in the international world of e-sports. Here’s a look at some of the best pro gamers in the world right now.

8. Jonathan Wendel (Fatal1ty)
Jonathan Wendel is a remarkable e-sports player for a number of reasons. First, he’s one of the earliest professional e-sports players, debuting way back in 1999, before pro gaming was really a thing. He’s also unique in that he has competed in tournaments based on a number of different video games, rather than focusing all of his attention on a single game, as most of the pro gamers on this list have done.
From Quake to CounterStrike, Wendel can mow down the competition, even at the ripe old age of 33. He has mostly moved on to other things nowadays, like his company Fatal1ty Inc., through which he sells his very own brand of gaming mouse pads, called FATpads. All told, Wendell has pocketed a cool $454,919 in winnings, which gave him the record until he was overtaken by Lee Jae Dong in 2013.
7. Jang Min Chul (MC)
It’s safe to say that StarCraft II is big in South Korea, and since Jang Min Chul is one of the best players in the country, that also makes him among the top players on the planet. Since 2010, he’s participated in about 80 tournaments, honing and perfecting his aggressive play style during each one. For those opponents who can withstand the initial barrage, however, Jang has a killer late-game strategy waiting in the wings. Unluckily for them, most players who face off against him never get to see it. To date, Jang has won $490,772 in prize money.
6. Lee Young Ho (FlaSh)
This South Korean player is a member of the team KT Rolster. His go-to game is StarCraft II, a real-time strategy game that pits humans and other intergalactic races against each other in battles of total domination. The idea is to mine resources to build up your base and then send out troops to conquer the opposing team.
Born in 1992, Lee has been playing e-sports professionally for several years now, joining KT Rolster in 2007, at age 14. He’s known for exploiting any small weaknesses he can find in his opponents, as well as for his remarkable ability to come back and win when his matches seem hopelessly dire. Overall, according to e-Sports Earnings, Lee has racked up prize money to the tune of $495,091.
5. Lee Jae Dong (Jaedong)
Lee Jae Dong is a South Korean StarCraft II player who’s known for blowing away the competition, no matter how formidable. That’s why he’s earned the nicknames “The Tyrant,” “The God of Destruction,” and “The Legend Killer.” That’s a lot of nicknames, but he’s gotten them by winning a lot of tournaments, including three OnGameNet Starleague championships, two MBCGame StarCraft League championships, and one first-place finish at the World Cyber Games. Over the past few years, Lee has won $578,340 for playing competitively. In short, don’t get in his way.
4. Saahil Arora (UNiVeRsE)
This Dota 2 player hails from Madison, Wisconsin, which makes him one of the best eSports players in the world to come from the West. He’s earned that distinction by relentlessly delivering strong results in a number of tournaments each year, starting in 2011, when he placed seventh in that year’s The International tournament. He still going strong, having raked in a cool 581,826 to date.
3. Aleksandr Dashkevych (XBOCT)
Another exceedingly accomplished Dota 2 player on team Natus Vincere (Na’Vi for short) is Aleksandr Dashkevych, also known as XBOCT. Dashkevych is a Ukranian who didn’t seem like he would amount to much after a spell of lackluster games with his previous team, Planet-X. They disbanded after a few losses, but once Dashkevych joined Na’Vi, he found the success he’d been training for. After just a handful of tournaments, he’s already tucked away $601,806 in winnings. Not a bad comeback.
2. Clement Ivanov (Puppey)
This pro gamer plays Dota 2, a strategy game from Valve that pits two teams of five against each other. Each Dota 2 match takes place on a single map, with two bases situated in opposite corners. The idea is that each player chooses one of more than a hundred heroes, and each team works together to destroy the other’s base.
Ivanov is an Estonian who spent much of his professional career as the leader of Team Natus Vincere, but he left in August to join Team Secret. Team Secret hasn’t had time to do much yet, but if Ivanov’s history is any indication, it will probably do quite well. In his time as a pro gamer, Ivanov has earned a respectable $667,332.
1. Team Newbee
It might seem like cheating to give a single slot to a whole team, but if we didn’t, the members of Team Newbee would take up the majority of the list on their own.
Last year’s International — the yearly Dota 2 tournament put on by Valve — doled out $10 million to its winners, a record-breaking amount for an e-sports competition. Those winners were the Chinese team Newbee, who took home a grand prize of just over $5 million, which makes each of the five members of the team instant millionaires.

10 Dangers Of Gaming Addiction

For many years, parents have often wondered about the negative effects of video games on their children’s health. Parents who are unfamiliar with this electronic hobby are prone to believing that playing video games can lead to:

  • Loss of vision
  • Decreased mental ability
  • Aggression due to violent scenes and situations found in many video games
While there is an ongoing debate amongst researchers about the effects of video games on a person’s health and well-being, one can attribute video gaming addiction to the following negative effects:
1. Sleep Deprivation
With work and school taking up a major portion of a person’s time, many people are prone to sacrificing their precious time for sleep to squeeze in an extra hour or two for more video gaming. Video game addiction and prolonged periods of sleep deprivation can lead to insomnia, and can take a major toll on a person’s health.
2. Disregard For Personal Hygiene
When people are engaged in video gaming for a majority of their day, personal hygiene is one of the first things to be overlooked. With little to no physical interaction with the outside world, video game addicts feel less compelled to take care of their personal grooming. This disregard for personal hygiene can lead to acne, dental diseases and other illnesses.
3. Isolation And Seclusion
Excessive video gaming can lead people to isolate or seclude themselves from friends and family. Their disregard for personal hygiene is just the start of their displacement from the real world and being in a social setting. Interaction within the video game takes precedence over interaction with anything or anyone else. Work, school, friends and family are neglected, and the addiction to video games intensifies as people refuse to spend their waking hours doing anything but playing video games.
4. Depression
Though many video game addicts might not realize it at first, depression can slowly seep in as they find themselves becoming enslaved by their addiction. It is only when they stop and think about what has become of their lives do they realize that there is something terribly wrong. Making matters worse, their only means of finding comfort is through the very thing causing their depression, creating a vicious cycle that can only be broken when they take back control of their lives.
5. Stress
Stress from video gaming addiction is commonly caused by the following scenarios:
  • A person has become so obsessed with video games, their failures and pressure to achieve their goals within the video game cause excessive amounts of stress. What was once an outlet for fun and entertainment transforms into a catalyst for stress, anger and misery.
  • A person comes to the realization that his or her life is in disarray because of video games, causing excessive amounts of stress. Unfortunately, the only way these people can cope with this stress is to continue to play video games, which is the source of the problem in the first place.
6. Arthritis And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Playing video games excessively can lead to physical impairments like:
  • Arthritis: Studies have suggested that years of video gaming can lead to issues on a person’s thumbs later in life, especially because this area of the body is prone to osteoarthritis.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome is pressure on a nerve in your wrist that allows feeling and movement in certain parts of your hand. This condition is likely to develop in those who perform repetitive motions in their hands and wrists, making video game addicts highly susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome.
7. Unhealthy Eating Habits
When video game addicts are too busy to take a shower or get enough hours of sleep, they’re probably not too concerned about healthy eating habits. For most video game addicts, fast food and easy-to-prepare meals like frozen dinners are the meals of choice. Sugary sodas and energy drinks are also popular to keep up with the hours of late night gaming and sleep deprivation. These habits can lead to obesity, diabetes and other serious health conditions.
8. Aggressive Behavior
While many have argued that video games offer an acceptable outlet to release feelings of aggression, they have also shown to do the exact opposite, especially amongst those who have become addicted. The frustration and stress stemming from the addiction is compounded by depression, and may cause an individual to display unusual patterns of aggressive behavior towards anyone who disrupts their video game play.
9. Inactive Lifestyle
Video game addicts who devote every waking hour to their video games are living an inactive lifestyle. Sitting or lying down all day playing video games, combined with sleep deprivation and poor eating habits is a dangerous combination that can lead to stroke, heart disease and hypertension.
10. Denial
Denial and lying to cover up abnormal behavior is one of the first signs that a person’s video gaming problem has become a full blown addiction. Video game addicts will often come up with excuses for their change in behavior and their unhealthy lifestyle. As the addiction worsens, they eventually begin lying to themselves, denying they have any problem at all.